Home Goods & Gifts

Our carefully curated collection of home goods and gifts are hand selected by us with you in mind and are always changing. Our mindset behind selecting the items we carry is simple: we want to enable and inspire you to gather and give. While some products may be reclaimed and restored, others are new and engaging ….we have a special place in our hearts for old wood and the stories that each piece carries, but you’ll find that our love for cutting-edge newness and classic staples take up the same amount of heart-space. Who knew merging those two loves together would make for a happy marriage? 

Our heart at Reclaimed Inspired Goods, is to give opportunity for your investment in goods to go beyond the purchase. We have products that are made locally and globally. Products that begin with impacting lives starting as far as Africa, to here in Johnson City, eventually and inevitably impacting the person you gather with and give to, whoever that may be. If you’re looking to brighten someones day or just brighten up a room in your home, come by and see what we have going on!